Opportunity in the Greater China is Without Limit

The Greater China has experienced an unprecedented economic rise over the past forty years, both internally and internationally. And Roly Group has been there every step of the way.


Roly Group is a China-focused investment, consumer product, and venture capital firm. We operate worldwide, with a concentration on Chinese commerce and industry.

In essence, our interests and activities cover the entire spectrum of China's exceptional rise and influence on international commerce. While we may be involved in specific industries at any given time, our long history is one of adaptability and opportunity.

Over the past 40 years, we have been engaged in the manufacture and export of both hard and soft goods. We invest in commercial property, fund promising ventures across a variety of industries, and keep our finger on the pulse of China's ever-changing role in international commerce. You could say we both drive industry, while remaining ready to react and capitalize on sound opportunities. Our management team has decades of experience, and is a key component in attracting investors and business partners. In short, we know how to turn profits.

Our immediate future is apparent by our current projects, but taking a pragmatic approach in our long term plans, at least in terms of specifics. We only know that whatever we engage in has the best chance to produce successful results.


In a word, as a holding company, we're profitable for our partners and stakeholders. That's our bottom line, and that's what we do.

In terms of specifics, any discussion of our activities must start with the disclaimer that we do not adhere to a predefined focus. We are interested in engaging in business and commerce that involves China (and have been doing exactly that for 40-plus years), but what that specifically entails at any given time is varied.

What does that mean? It means that we're driven by success, but always open to ideas.

To give an example, 40+ years ago, we got our start in the design, manufacture, and export of seasonal home décor. Along the way, expansion and acquisition led to our transformation into a holding company. From there, we expanded our reach into soft goods, specifically consumer apparel, working with names like United Colors of Benetton®, Calvin Klein Jeans®, AX Armani Exchange®, Sussan®, Rip Curl®, Tommy Hilfiger®, Byford® and others. We also engaged in children's products (specifically, Barbie®, Disney®, Sesame Street®, Mattel's Hot Wheels®, Snoopy® licensed consumer merchandise), while still expanding our consumer home décor activities.

Today, with our experienced management team intact, we're still involved in home décor, but have sold the other retail interests, and instead, focused our efforts on investment in the Greater China region and venture capital activities across a myriad of industries (including biomedical, formal menswear, e-commerce logistics solution provider, micro-financing and others). And we're always looking for fresh ideas that may lead to new directions.

The above should illustrate not only our broad capabilities, but also our willingness to adapt. It's been a key component in our history, and moving forward, will always be a large part of what we do.


We've had a successful four decades at Roly Group. What follows is a brief timeline of events, beginning in the 1970's. While it's not a fully comprehensive list (we've accomplished a lot more than is listed here), it should give you a good idea of our diversity, willingness to engage in various industries, and the numerous milestones our management team have overseen.

  • Wang's USA established in Memphis, TN, U.S.
  • Vigor International Inc. established in Taiwan
  • Vigor International (H.K.) Limited established in Hong Kong


  • Midway Enterprises (Guangzhou) Ltd., the largest Disney® Consumer Products' Licensee (ex-Japan) established in China
  • Roly International Holdings Ltd. incorporated in Bermuda
  • Roly merged the businesses of Wang's USA, Vigor Group, and Midway
  • Transpac Capital, NIF Japan of Daiwa Securities Group and UOBVI pledged a 15% equity stake in Roly
  • Acquisition of Porth Innovations
  • Acquisition of Toonsland Limited
  • Roly listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange
  • Acquisition of Wooltex Inc. (Canada) via Wang's USA
  • Acquisition of Linmark Group Limited
  • Divestment of Porth (UK)

  • Roly Group being selected by Harvard Business School as Successful "Consumer Licensed Products in China" as case study
  • Divestment of Wang's USA
  • Investment in e-commerce Logistics Group

  • Roly named among Forbes Global's top 200 small companies outside the U.S.A.
  • Linmark Group Limitd (Stock code: 915) listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
  • Roly secured a 20-year lease of 75,000 sq. feet commercial building in Shanghai that houses the flagship store of a major European brand
  • Midway being selected by Harvard Business School again as Successful "Licensing, Distributing and Building Brands in China" as case study
  • Linmark/Roly co-sponsored the 1st China Department Store Summit 2003 in Beijing
  • Linmark acquired the business and assets of Tamarind International Limited
  • Roly's FMCG Division became the exclusive distributor and marketer of French bottle "Evian" mineral water and premium Dutch and Boston beers ("Grolsch" and "Samuel Adams" respectively) in the China market
  • Roly co-hosted the 2nd China Department Store Summit 2004 in Beijing
  • Linmark received the Export Marketing Award of 2003 from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • Linmark acquired majority equity interest in the Dowry Peacock Group, U.K.
  • Roly co-hosted the 3rd China Department Store Summit 2005 in Beijing
  • Roly was privatized from its Singapore Exchange listing status by an offeror group comprising private equity funds and Mr. LY Wang
  • Expansion to B-2-C e-commerce business Xiaozhuren.com was launched
  • Divestment of Midway and Toonsland, the children consumer retailing group for mainland China and HK

  • Divestment of Linmark Group Limited via share sale cum General Offer on the HK Stock Exchange
  • Invited to be Limited Partner in Lion-OCBC Capital Asia Fund I
  • Acquisition of prime office property asset in Hong Kong


About Roly Group

Roly Group traces its roots back to the late 1970's, when it began operations in the USA as a procurer of seasonal household décor. It was the beginnings of mass product exporting from China.

From that point, the company grew in both size and scope, eventually employing more than 2800 people and holding interests in several substantially profitable businesses. Amongst these was The Linmark Group, which was a sourcing agency for global apparel clients, such as Calvin Klein Jeans®, AX Armani Exchange®, Sussan®, and others.

Roly was also involved in wholesale distribution of Licensed / Branded children's merchandise for more than 1600 retail outlets in Hong Kong and mainland China under the retailing arm Midway Enterprises and Toonsland Limited. It became the largest licensee of Disney® ex-Japan children consumer products, in terms of licensing fees, for years. During this time, the company also was listed on the Singapore stock exchange, beginning in early 1996.

Roly Group Today

During the 2010's, in a move to become more nimble and focused on investment, the company decided to divest itself of many of its larger holdings, and profitably sold off many of its assets. The pared-down company was branded the Roly Group, and, as of 2015, consisted of approximately 130 individuals over five international offices.

The core executive team has remained intact, so today's partners and stakeholders enjoy 40+ years of successful, profit-driven experience, without endless layers of management.

Mission & Vision


To ensure our stakeholders, business partners, and investors realize growth in a consistent, ethical manner. We will achieve this by making sound business decisions utilizing experience and patience, combined with an entrepreneur's audacity.


We see a future of success, for everyone involved - our partners/stakeholders, recipients of capital investment, commercial property tenants, retailers, and even end user consumers of retail goods we had a hand in procuring. Our long experience has taught us that success follows success, and that profitable endeavors have multiple levels of involvement, all of which need positive attention.

Projects and Operations

Listed below are the current projects we are involved in. As stated on our "Opportunity" page, good ideas are always welcome.

Seasonal Home Décor Supply, Marketing, and Distribution

Throughout our entire history, Seasonal Home Décor has been a part of our organization. Currently, we hold two different companies in this space, Sun Hill Creative Group, and Vigor Group. These two groups supply goods that are marketed and sold by some of the leading retailers in the world.

Commercial Property Leasing and Capital Investment Management

We are involved in commercial property investment, both in a short term and long term capacity. Short term is more of a medium risk investment vehicle, while longer term real estate holdings look to lease commercial space to multinational entities in all industries. We also invest in public and privately held entities in China, as directed by our equity management team.

China Venture Capital Funding and Startup Investment

We believe in good ideas and promising ventures, and seek out individuals and companies that represent such. As China becomes increasingly entrepreneurial, Roly Group is committed to helping those who will shape the future realize their full potential.

Subsidiaries & Holdings


Vigor Group - Asia's leading resource in Creativity, Quality, and Service, Vigor has been in business since 1979, and has operations in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They are one of the world's leading design and manufacturing firms of home lifestyle and decorating products, and you can find their wares in major retailers across the globe.

Sun Hill CreativeGroup - In business since 1973, Sun Hill specializes in outdoor home and garden decorative products. With operations on three continents, they are leaders in design, innovation, and manufacturing, and have also made a mark in the area of packaging, advanced POP display, and other "on the shelf" marketing.


We do not list every holding we have, as it would become unwieldy. That said, to give you examples of whom we've chosen to do business with, and the diversity of industries we are willing to explore, some of our current holdings include:

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